Baseball: The Best of America’s Game

April 23, 2010

So it’s april now, and well, I’ve been watching A LOT of baseball so far.  Almost every night i’ve seen at least a few innings, and i’ve caught 2 minor league games. Yes, that is commitment.  So today I’d like to talk about the very best of modern memorabilia, or really the last vestiges of this great game that I am obsessed with.  So here we go.


The book The Last Days of Summer is absolutely the best book ever written.  I’m now reading it for the second time.  It’s the story of a know-it-all, liar, 12-year-old and an asshole 3rd baseman who plays for the New York Giants.  It is written in letter form and other correspondence, and is absolutely worth reading. Today alone I have read 140 pages and laughed the whole damn time.


So yeah, baseball movies make some dough.  You might think of the rookie or field of dreams of the bat, but hold your damn horses.  The three best baseball movies ever are, in order: Bull Durham, For the Love of the Game, and Major League.  I have a serious mancrush on both Costner (see last post) and Sheen (effin great in 2 1/2 men).

Video Games:

So in the near future (maybe after writing this), I’m going to buy a Playstation 3.  For exactly one reason: MLB ’10 The Show.  This absolutely is the best video game ever made, and it happens to be a baseball game.  Yeah, I’ve played a good bit of it so far, and I am guessing I will continue to do so.  Hell yes, go Braves…

Sorry about getting ahead of myself… The final best vestige of modern baseball is:

The Atlanta Braves… Their games come on 21, 36, or if you didn’t know, all of the Peachtree TV Games come on channel 2, you just have to check it.  I will watch Braves baseball until the day I die.  Chipper is a long-term king of the diamond, and if you don’t know the name Jason Heyward, get the hell off of this post and google it.  Not to mention Tommy Hanson, Jair Jurrjens, and many more, including Martin Prado (pronounced Mart-een).

So yeah, go watch baseball and make me proud.  I’ll continue doing what I’m doing and waste the entire rest of my summer on it….

Don’t jinx the dirt.


Movies, AKA Costner is God

April 16, 2010

Yes that’s right, the title of this blog says it all.  I am unashamedly a Costner fan.  Everything from Dances with Wolves to Waterworld.  I’m going to give a rundown on all that is Costner.  This could take a minute… (really, like one minute.)

I would have to say that Costner is undoubtedly one of the best sports actors ever.  Field of Dreams was a masterpiece for baseball lovers everywhere.  Then him and Tim Robbins took it a step further and made Bull Durham.  The story of a pitcher and a catcher on a minor league baseball team, the Durham Bulls.  Then there was that one where he was a high school baseball coach who was convinced by his players to try to pitch in the Major Leagues, and at the end he actually makes it and it’s heartwarming! (Oh wait, that was Dennis Quaid.  And in fact is a fitting metaphor, Costner always stuck in the minors while Robbins and Quaid go bigtime.)

Yes, Costner’s career was (mostly) partially a failure.  Tin Cup was great.  Wait, you’ve never heard of Tin Cup? About the golfer?  Who loses the U.S. Open? Oh well ok then, nevermind.

And waterworld………. The greatest piece of s**t movie probably ever loved by me.

And Dances with Wolves, that one about the soldier who goes to the alien planet Pandora and befriends the natives only to finally fight against his own kind at the end.  Wait, that was the remake, Avatar, which had WAAAAAAAAY cooler special effects and so wins naturally.

I think you’re beginning to see a trend here.  While I love the man, and all the movies he is in, he isn’t what you would call a “great” actor per se.  Maybe it just wasn’t his calling.

Oh wait, he was absolutely awesome in Mr. Brooks, and he killed Dane Cook, so yes, he is absolutely amazing and his legacy can live in that act.

…If only he really did kill Dane Cook.

Reality TV: The Downfall of Modern Society

April 2, 2010

As you can tell, I”m not a huge fan of reality TV.  In its conception, reality TV was absolutely amazing.  You can’t beat the genius that is COPS.  I mean, we’re talking about the fuzz going out and busting some of the lowest class people you can find this side of Mississippi.  It was pure gold with some of the lowest overheads you could find.  Just buy a camera and follow our boys in blue, and you’re bound to get something good.

And then came Survivor.  The advent of the reality game-show allowed networks to pick out the worst people they could possibly find and make them compete against each other, leading to some sleazy moves by some sleazier people.  This was like Real World with a reason for the people to hate each other. These were bad enough, with Survivor knock-offs on every network, some which have survived to this day.

VH1 changed the game.  Here’s where it really hit the fan.  I’m pretty sure the entire board of directors of VH1 are at least second cousins of Satan himself.  These are the guys who thought it would be great to give Flavor Flav his own dating show, and then make spinoffs with the more “memorable” (read ridiculous and smelling of hooker) characters.  I Love New York brought one of the worst selections of people you can find in the english speaking world and gave them nicknames to compete for some kind of thing named New York.  Oh yeah, and they tried to give Brett Michaels syphilis (again).

Now somehow Dustin Diamond (Screech from Saved by the Bell and star in his own porno…) is a celebrity by the world’s standards, and wow have those standards dropped.  And he’s losing weight in the fit club.

While I talk about how evil this whole reality TV phenomenon is, what’s even sadder is that I can name all of these shows and characters on them.  I am part of the problem.

My Super Bowl Predictions and Hopes

February 5, 2010

Well, it’s that time again.  The biggest single day sporting event of the year.  And let me tell you, I am excited.  So my blog this week is going to focus on MY prediction for this years Super Bowl.  And that prediction is:

I plan on NOT getting in a car wreck this year.

That’s right, last year on this wonderful day I managed to wreck my girlfriend’s and roommates cars, and alcohol wasn’t even involved.  I did almost $2,000 dollars worth of damage to the two cars, and mine wasn’t even involved.  I managed to put the rear passenger door of a Volkswagon Jetta (I was driving) into the front bumper of a Dodge Durango (parked).  In my driveway, which is a large grass and dirt field.  This takes some skill.

So after dropping some serious cash and a good portion of my father’s love, we got it all worked out and all was well in the world again.  This year I’m looking to avoid a similar scenario, but considering I’m spending the weekend in Asheville, where the forecast is snow and wintry mix, we just never really know.

Time to party! Oh, and the Saints win.

Giving Back

January 29, 2010

Being in a Fraternity, a lot of people get a certain connotation about how I spend my time.  It’s true, we do our fair share of partying, but there is a lot more missing from most people’s view of fraternities then they often realize.

In Sigma Nu, along with every fraternity everywhere, we are required to do philanthropic work of our choice.  There are a lot of different ways to go about this, and you definitely see some interesting ideas sometimes.  Our most recent work was a canned food drive we did right before thanksgiving last semester.  We raised over 500 canned goods to donate, and have earned an award from the local National Guard Armory who sponsored the event.

I have, since joining, been a very active member of our philanthropy committee.  I like helping out those in need whenever I can, and a spot on this committee gives me that ability.  I like the feeling of putting together an event and working through the planning and logistics to make it successful.  Last year we helped out with Alpha Omicron Pi’s annual philanthropy event “Stick it Up for Arthritis” which raises money and awareness for childhood arthritis.  We have become a co-sponsor of the event, and it is definitely a fun one to be involved in.

Since they had been doing this event for years now, when we joined up most of the pre-planning had been done.  So our main contribution the entire week was setting up the stations, selling as many water guns as we could, and then breaking down the stations later.  I contributed the better part of my week trying to make sure everything ran smoothly.

It definitely was rewarding to have done well, and I can’t wait for another chance this year.

My Favorite YouTube Video

January 22, 2010

Well, after a lot of thought and checking and watching some of my old YouTube videos, I’ve finally decided on the one that I will call my favorite YouTube video:

Yes, that’s right, the Disney Booty Meat remake.

What better way to ruin your childhood memories than with the hundreds of butt references Soulja Boy intertwines with such poetry into his song.  In all reality, the editing on this video was pretty good, but that does not excuse this song in the least.  My favorite hands down is the Tinkerbell dance moves.

These Disney classics are used in their absolute worst, and it sure makes Aladdin, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook look like pervs.

So, after teaching every drunk white guy at every bar in America that they are woefully under-prepared to dance with his first big single “Crank ‘dat” Soulja Boy has given us this gem, trying to get girls to shake their asses in what might be the least romantic way possible.  “Booty Meat” sounds like a bad cut of meat that would definitely NOT be kosher.  But, despite this lack of anything appealing in this song, it makes it to the Billboard charts.  Wow, I love this country and what it stands for.

Now, let’s shake that booty meat.

Hello world!

January 14, 2010

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