Giving Back

Being in a Fraternity, a lot of people get a certain connotation about how I spend my time.  It’s true, we do our fair share of partying, but there is a lot more missing from most people’s view of fraternities then they often realize.

In Sigma Nu, along with every fraternity everywhere, we are required to do philanthropic work of our choice.  There are a lot of different ways to go about this, and you definitely see some interesting ideas sometimes.  Our most recent work was a canned food drive we did right before thanksgiving last semester.  We raised over 500 canned goods to donate, and have earned an award from the local National Guard Armory who sponsored the event.

I have, since joining, been a very active member of our philanthropy committee.  I like helping out those in need whenever I can, and a spot on this committee gives me that ability.  I like the feeling of putting together an event and working through the planning and logistics to make it successful.  Last year we helped out with Alpha Omicron Pi’s annual philanthropy event “Stick it Up for Arthritis” which raises money and awareness for childhood arthritis.  We have become a co-sponsor of the event, and it is definitely a fun one to be involved in.

Since they had been doing this event for years now, when we joined up most of the pre-planning had been done.  So our main contribution the entire week was setting up the stations, selling as many water guns as we could, and then breaking down the stations later.  I contributed the better part of my week trying to make sure everything ran smoothly.

It definitely was rewarding to have done well, and I can’t wait for another chance this year.


One Response to “Giving Back”

  1. crawlins Says:


    I am also involved in the Greek Life, in Alpha Delta Pi, and am glad that you made this post. It is important for others to understand that we do more than go out on the weekends and hold socials with other fraternities or sororities.

    Alpha Delta Pi supports the Ronald McDonald House as our philanthropy. We support the one in Savannah, Georgia and cook monthly dinners for the families staying there and do other events throughout the year to support them financially.

    I am glad that you have shed a positive light on the Greek Community and I hope that we can continue to have a good image with our surrounding community.
    -Caroline Rawlins

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