Baseball: The Best of America’s Game

So it’s april now, and well, I’ve been watching A LOT of baseball so far.  Almost every night i’ve seen at least a few innings, and i’ve caught 2 minor league games. Yes, that is commitment.  So today I’d like to talk about the very best of modern memorabilia, or really the last vestiges of this great game that I am obsessed with.  So here we go.


The book The Last Days of Summer is absolutely the best book ever written.  I’m now reading it for the second time.  It’s the story of a know-it-all, liar, 12-year-old and an asshole 3rd baseman who plays for the New York Giants.  It is written in letter form and other correspondence, and is absolutely worth reading. Today alone I have read 140 pages and laughed the whole damn time.


So yeah, baseball movies make some dough.  You might think of the rookie or field of dreams of the bat, but hold your damn horses.  The three best baseball movies ever are, in order: Bull Durham, For the Love of the Game, and Major League.  I have a serious mancrush on both Costner (see last post) and Sheen (effin great in 2 1/2 men).

Video Games:

So in the near future (maybe after writing this), I’m going to buy a Playstation 3.  For exactly one reason: MLB ’10 The Show.  This absolutely is the best video game ever made, and it happens to be a baseball game.  Yeah, I’ve played a good bit of it so far, and I am guessing I will continue to do so.  Hell yes, go Braves…

Sorry about getting ahead of myself… The final best vestige of modern baseball is:

The Atlanta Braves… Their games come on 21, 36, or if you didn’t know, all of the Peachtree TV Games come on channel 2, you just have to check it.  I will watch Braves baseball until the day I die.  Chipper is a long-term king of the diamond, and if you don’t know the name Jason Heyward, get the hell off of this post and google it.  Not to mention Tommy Hanson, Jair Jurrjens, and many more, including Martin Prado (pronounced Mart-een).

So yeah, go watch baseball and make me proud.  I’ll continue doing what I’m doing and waste the entire rest of my summer on it….

Don’t jinx the dirt.


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